Cookies Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are special files that are downloaded to your computer device when you visit a specific web page. These files allow the web page to simultaneously store and retrieve up-to-date data and the most frequently performed user actions in the browser.

The browser remembers cookies on the hard drive during the current session. This process takes up a very small amount of memory and is completely harmless to your computer device. Cookies do not contain any personal information, and the majority of them are deleted from the hard drive memory after the browser session ends.

Most browsers accept cookies as standard files, so they do not block cookies in the security settings. Without the user's explicit consent during cookie activation in the browser, the stored information with personal data provided during registration or purchase will not be associated with cookies in any way.

What types of cookie files are used on this website?


First-party cookies are files sent to the terminal equipment from the computer device whose management is carried out by the publisher. These files also provide a service requested directly by the user.

Third-party cookies typically refer to files sent to the terminal equipment from a computer device whose management is not carried out by the publisher but by another entity involved in processing data obtained through cookies.


Session cookies Session cookies are usually involved in collecting information when accessing a web page.

Persistent cookies Persistent cookies store information in the terminal. Their availability and processing can occur within a time period determined by the entity responsible for the cookie file. Interestingly, the duration of the temporary period has no specific limits and can last for minutes, months, or even years.

Technical cookies Technical cookies allow navigation on a web page or application using different services existing on the web page. These include traffic management, information transmission, session identification, and access nodes with limited access.

Personalization cookies Personalization cookies include files that allow users to access specific features easily. These can be the browser through which the access is made, services, regional settings, or methods used to access the service.

Analytical cookies Analytical cookies are well-processed files that easily determine the number of users, allowing for statistical measurements and analysis of service usage. Detailed analysis of website navigation is carried out to improve product quality.

Advertising cookies Advertising cookies include files that users are familiar with. They enable users to more efficiently utilize the advertising space offered on the web page. They also adapt the content of advertisements to the requested services. This involves analyzing user habits on the internet, resulting in displaying ads that fully or partially match the user's browsing profile.

Behavioral advertising cookies Behavioral advertising cookies play a significant role in effectively managing the advertising space provided by the publisher on the web page for a specific service. They store data on user behavior obtained through monitoring browsing habits. This approach is used to develop a specific profile for displaying ads accordingly.

By using this portal, the user automatically agrees to the analysis of all collected data for the specified purposes. The user can opt out of such information processing by simply disabling cookies through the browser settings. By blocking cookie files, the user may not be able to fully utilize all internet functions.

Everyone can independently delete or block cookies installed on their computer device by adjusting the settings of the browser they use.

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