Terms Of Service

The present User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) governs the relationship between the owner of geeklink.io (hereinafter referred to as “GeekLink” or the Administration) on the one hand, and the user of the website on the other.
The website “GeekLink” is not a mass media outlet.

By using the website, you agree to the terms of this Agreement.
If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not use the “GeekLink.io” website!

Subject of the Agreement

The Administration grants the user the right to publish the following information on the website:

Job vacancies;
Textual information;
Audio materials;
Video materials;
Photo materials;
Links to materials posted on other websites;

Prohibited topics:

Questionable methods of online earnings;
Esotericism, fortune-telling, astrology;
Copyright infringement;
Any topics prohibited by World law.

Rights and obligations of the parties

The user has the right to:

Search for information on the website;
Obtain information from the website;
Create information for the website;
Distribute information on the website;
Comment on content posted on the website;
Modify user ratings;
Copy information to other websites with attribution to the source;
Copy information to other websites with permission from the Administration of the website;
Request the Administration to hide any user information;
Request the Administration to hide any information submitted by the user to the website;
Use the information from the website for personal non-commercial purposes;
Use the information from the website for commercial purposes with permission from the Administration.

The Administration has the right to:

Create, modify, and cancel rules at its discretion and as necessary;
Restrict access to any information on the website;
Create, modify, and delete information;
Delete user accounts;
Refuse registration without explaining the reasons.

The user undertakes to:

Ensure the accuracy of the information provided;
Not copy information from other sources;
Not distribute information aimed at promoting war, inciting national, racial, or religious hatred and enmity, as well as other information for which criminal or administrative liability is provided for distribution;
Not disrupt the functioning of the website;
Not create multiple accounts on the website if they actually belong to the same person;
Not engage in actions aimed at misleading other users;
Not engage in actions aimed at stirring up interethnic discord or insulting other participants;
Not use offensive language;
Observe the rules of the Russian and English languages;
Not use the website's features for spamming;
Not share their account and/or login credentials with third parties;
Not register an account on behalf of or instead of another person, except as provided by Russian law;
Not post materials of an advertising, erotic, pornographic, or offensive nature, as well as other information that is prohibited or contradicts the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
Not use scripts (programs) for automated collection of information and/or interaction with the website and its services.

The Administration undertakes to:

Maintain the functioning of the website, except in cases where it is impossible due to reasons beyond the Administration's control;
Protect information whose dissemination is limited or prohibited by law by issuing warnings or deleting the user account of the violator;
Provide all available information about the user to authorized government bodies in accordance with the law.

Liability of the parties

The user personally bears full responsibility for the information they distribute;
The Administration is not responsible for any discrepancies between the expected services and the services actually received by the user;
The Administration is not liable for services provided by third parties;
In the event of force majeure circumstances (military actions, martial law, state of emergency, natural disasters, etc.), the Administration does not guarantee the preservation of information posted by the user or uninterrupted operation of the information resource.

Terms of Agreement

This Agreement enters into force upon any use of this website.
The Agreement ceases to be valid upon the appearance of its new version.
The Administration reserves the right to unilaterally modify this Agreement at its discretion.
In case of changes to the Agreement, the Administration may notify users in a convenient manner in some cases.