Guide for Recruiters, HR, and Employers

A Brief Guide on Using the Platform for Recruiters, HR, and Employers in a Question-Answer Format:

  1. Posting job vacancies is free? Yes, there is a package of 3 standard job vacancies available for free for all recruiters.
  2. Why don't I have the option to post a free job vacancy? Most likely, you have used the package of 3 free standard job vacancies.
  3. For how long are the vacancies published? By default, job vacancies are published for 3 months, but you can set a shorter period.
  4. How many times can I publish the same job vacancy? Each job vacancy can be published only once every 3 months. Violation of this rule will result in account suspension.
  5. Is it mandatory to include the company name in the job posting? Yes, job postings without the mention of the hiring company or with an incorrectly specified company will be blocked by moderation.
  6. Why don't I have the “Add Job Vacancy” button in my menu? Most likely, you have not set your account type as Recruiter/HR/Direct Employer. Only these three types of accounts have access to job vacancy posting. You can change your account type in your profile settings.
  7. How long does job vacancy moderation take? Up to 24 hours, but usually it does not exceed 2-3 working hours.
  8. Why was my job vacancy not approved during moderation? It is possible that you posted a job vacancy on prohibited topics, but most likely, you did not provide enough detailed information. We have published guidelines on job vacancy posting. The further you deviate from the guidelines, the lower the chances of approval during moderation.
  9. Which Telegram channels does job vacancy cross-posting occur in? If the job vacancy meets the recommendations listed above, it is automatically transmitted to relevant Telegram channels, as well as social networks like LinkedIn and VK. You can choose external platforms for cross-posting when publishing job vacancies.
  10. Can I include links to social networks and messengers? No, all work and communication with participants should take place within the GeekLink platform. Violation of this rule will result in account suspension.
  11. In addition to job vacancy posting, what other opportunities are available for recruiters/HR/employers? Periodically visit the database of published resumes to not miss out on suitable candidates. According to statistics, most candidates are in passive job search mode and often do not even publish their resumes. Find interesting members of the GeekLink community and establish new connections. Develop your blog. Publish interesting articles, increase the number of subscribers to your profile, and engage with your audience.
  12. What are the prohibited topics? Casinos, microloans, dubious online earning methods, esotericism, fortune-telling, astrology, drugs, pornography, copyright infringement.
  13. Are there any other rules? Please do not write in transliteration or all capital letters. It is preferable to use Russian and English languages. Insulting other participants, using profanity, making threats, and inciting interethnic hostility are prohibited. Do not send spam to participants. In case of receiving a large number of complaints, your account may be blocked.
  14. Why was my account blocked? Most likely, you have violated multiple guidelines in this guide. In most cases, account recovery is not possible. If you believe there has been a mistake, please email us at

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