Salary Statistics and Demand for IT Professionals

Hello! Less than 4 months have passed since the launch of GeekLink. During this time, recruiters, HRs, and direct employers registered on the platform have published more than 700 IT vacancies.

We decided to create a new section dedicated to the analysis of vacancies by IT specializations.

It will be updated automatically on the 1st of each month. As the number of vacancies in categories grows, more directions and specializations will appear in the section, and the statistics will become more accurate.

What information is available now?

At the moment, we already have statistics on:

  • the average salary of specialists in the category;
  • the minimum salary of specialists in the category;
  • the maximum salary of specialists in the category;
  • the above data by competency level (Junior, Middle, Senior);
  • demand for specialists of different levels in the job market;
  • popularity of forms of employment.

What data will be added?

As I mentioned above, we collect up-to-date data every month, so in the future, we will be able to provide statistics not only with information about the current period but also in dynamics by months/years.

Write in the comments what other data you would find interesting/useful to track.

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