Telegram Bot for IT Job Search

Telegram Bot for IT Job Search

Hello, everyone ✋! Today marks the launch of a Telegram bot that will make the process of finding the perfect IT job even easier! The bot interacts with the job database and offers several useful functions.

Bot Features:

☑️ Search for vacancies in the database. Simply select your competency level (Junior, Middle, Senior, or Lead) and specify the key phrases. If necessary, refine your search with negative phrases by placing a hyphen (-) in front of each one. The bot will find the freshest and most relevant job openings that match your requirements.

☑️ Subscribe to new vacancies based on filters. Couldn't find anything suitable in the search? No worries, create a subscription with the specified filters and receive notifications about new job openings that match your criteria.

☑️ Manage your subscriptions. Add new subscriptions or remove outdated ones in just 3 clicks, depending on your needs and interests.

Additional Information

The maximum number of subscriptions is limited to six. When creating a new subscription and exceeding the limit, the earliest subscription will be automatically overwritten with the new one.

Each subscription lasts for 365 days from the moment of creation, but you can delete it earlier if you wish.

Notifications about new job openings through subscriptions are sent once a day, so you'll always be up to date with the latest job market offers without unnecessary spam.

Want to add your vacancy to the bot? Simply publish it on After moderation, it will appear in the bot's search and be sent to relevant user subscriptions.

How to Get Started?

Just follow the link and start interacting with the bot. Begin your journey to the perfect career today with the help of the GeekLink Jobs Bot!

Don't miss your chance to stay informed about the most current job vacancies in your field!

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