Job Opportunities for Juniors on Telegram

Hello everyone! Probably everyone already knows that job vacancies and resumes posted by users on GeekLink are also broadcasted on a network of Telegram channels. Today, I want to talk about a new, 26th channel named “Job Opportunities for Juniors”.


The name of the channel speaks for itself. It publishes vacancies and internships for juniors and interns, as well as resumes of specialists with little experience (or none at all).

1️⃣ Posting vacancies and resumes on the new channel is free.

2️⃣ To post a vacancy/resume in the channel, you need to register on and publish your vacancy/resume by filling out the form. Posting to the Telegram channel will occur automatically if it meets the recommendations (see below) and is marked with the “Junior” or “Intern” filter.

3️⃣ Reposting the same vacancy/resume is prohibited.

4️⃣ We have already posted freshly published vacancies and resumes on GeekLink in the channel.

5️⃣ Recommendations for posting effective vacancies and resumes are given in the links.

You can familiarize yourself with the complete list of GeekLink's Telegram channels here.

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