Job Opportunities for Middle, Senior, and Lead Specialists on Telegram

Last month, we launched a Telegram channel that broadcasts announcements of job vacancies and resumes for Juniors. The format turned out to be quite successful, so we decided to create similar channels for specialists with other levels of competencies. Let's welcome:

Why has the format turned out to be successful? After all, the channels post quite “diverse” directions for developers, analysts, designers, managers, etc. The thing is that in such channels, vacancies/resumes of candidates with a certain level of competencies are selected. Each vacancy/resume post has hashtags with categories, for example, “#PythonDeveloper”, “#SystemAnalyst”, “#UXUIDesigner”, so it is very easy to sort vacancies/resumes according to the necessary filters.

The channels created for a particular direction work in a similar way, for example, “Job Opportunities for Python Developers”. Only in this case, sorting is done not by directions, but by levels of competencies, for example, “#Junior”, “#Middle”, “#Senior”.

You can familiarize yourself with the complete list of GeekLink's Telegram channels with vacancies and resumes here.

☝️ By the way, there is an easier way to receive notifications about new job vacancies sorted by directions, levels of competencies, and other filters. Simply select the necessary criteria and subscribe to email notifications on GeekLink.

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